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Louis XI

Born: 1423 AD
Died: 1483 AD
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1423 – Born on the 3rd of July at Bourges.

1436 – His marriage on the 24th of June to Margaret of Scotland, daughter of King James I of Scotland, was forced upon him and did not help their relationship.

1440 – Louis was part of the uprising known as the Praguerie, which sought to control Charles and install Louis as Regent.

1444 – He led an army of "ecorcheurs" against the Swiss at the Battle of Birse and was impressed by their military might.

1446 – Louis still loathed Charles however and on the 27th of  September, he was ordered out of court and sent to his own province of Dauphiné, where he was ordered to establish order.

1451 – On the 14th of February, Louis, 27, married again, without Charles’ consent.

1456 – In August, Charles sent an army to Dauphiné. Louis fled to Burgundy where he was granted refuge by Duke Philip the Good and his son Charles the Bold and settled in the castle of Genappe.

1468 – Louis and Charles met in Peronne, but in the course of the negotiations they learned that the Liegois had again risen up and killed the Burgundian governor.

1471 – He later returned and Warwick the Kingmaker was killed at the Battle of Barnet.

1483 – Died on the 30th of August and was interred in the Notre-Dame de Cléry Basilica in Cléry Sant André in the Arrondissement of Orléans.

2.6 (52.31%) 13 votes