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Louis V

Born: 9670 AD
Died: 9870 AD
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967 – The birth of the king of France and the last Carolingian monarch.

979 – Crowned on June 8th, while his father Lothair was still alive, he shortly afterward married Adelaide, widow of Étienne, Count of Gévaudan of Aquitaine, and was established as king in Aquitaine. His frivolity, however, and his rejection of his wife, who finally ran away, brought him into discredit.

986 – Sole king on his father’s death, he disregarded the advice of his mother, Queen Emma, and Archbishop Adalbero of Reims, who wanted him to seek friendship with the German king Otto III.

987 – Just as he was about to have the Archbishop tried for treason, Louis died as the result of a hunting accident.

2.6 (52.73%) 11 votes