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Scicolone, Sofia Villani (Loren, Sophia)

Born: 1934 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Actresses


1934 - Born on September 20th in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Italian actress and model.

1948 - Won "Princess of the Sea" honors in a beauty pageant.

1949 - Worked as a model, and met producer Carlo Ponti, who was one of the judges in a pageant she won.

1950 - He hired an acting coach to tutor her and was in her first film, "Le Sei Mogli di Barbablù".

1951 - Ponti cast her in her breakthrough role as the commoner who caught the prince's eye in the filmed opera "La Favorita". The next year she played the lead in a film of "Aida", but in both opera films her songs were dubbed by better singers.

         - Her best Italian films include "Una Giornata Particolare" (One Particular Day).

1957 - Married to Carlo Ponti on September 17th.

1960-1961 - She performed two duets with Peter Sellers which were major hits in the UK pop chart. 'Goodness Gracious Me' was released and reached four and 'Bangers and Mash' made it to the top 20.

1962 - She received an Academy Award for "Ciociara, La" (Two Women).

1966 - President of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.

         - Re-married Carlo Ponti on April 9th.

1967 - Received 4 Golden Globe Awards as World Film Favorite.

1980 - Portrayed herself and her mother in "Sophia Loren: Her Own Story".

1982 - She served 18 days in prison in Italy for tax evasion.

1991 - Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world.

1995 - Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

1999 - Filed a lawsuit against 76 websites for using "fraudulent photographs" of her on adult sites.

2004 - Won a Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for her work in "Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf/Beintus" along with former US President Bill Clinton and former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev.

2005 - Received a honorary citizenship in her hometown of Pozzouli, Italy on June 22nd.

2007 - Appeared in the edition of the famous Pirelli Calendar at the age of 72, making her the oldest model in its history.


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