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Lopez Obrador, Andres Manuel

Born: 1953 AD
Currently alive, at 65 years of age.
2.3 (45%) 4 votes

1953 – Born in the municipality of Macuspana, in the southern state of Tabasco on the 13th of November.

1987 – He graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a major in political and social sciences.

1976 – He joined the PRI to actively collaborate in Carlos Pellicer’s campaign for the governorship of Tabasco.

1984 – He relocated to Mexico City to work at the Instituto Nacional del Consumidor a Government agency.

1988 – He resigned his post working for the government of this state to join the new dissenting wing of the PRI, then called the Democratic Current, led by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas.

1994 – López Obrador ran for the governorship of his home state, but lost to the PRI’s Roberto Madrazo in a highly controversial election where Roberto Madrazo was questioned for his excesive expenses in political propaganda.

1996 – López Obrador gained national exposure as an advocate for the rights of indigenous people when he appeared on national TV drenched in blood following confrontations with police force for blocking Pemex oil wells to defend the rights of local indigenous people impacted by pollution

1999 – López Obrador was president of the PRD.

2000 – On the 2nd of July, he was elected Head of Government of the Federal District.

2005 – In September, López Obrador was nominated as presidential pre candidate for the PRD for the  general election after the "moral leader" of the party, Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, declined to participate in the internal elections when polls showed López Obrador had 90% party support.

2006 – Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) announced the final vote count in the presidential election, resulting in a narrow margin of 0.58 percentage points of victory for his opponent, Felipe Calderón.

         – On the 8th of July, López Obrador called for nationwide protests to ask for a recount of all votes, stating that "the government would be responsible for any flare up of anger after officials rejected his demand for a manual recount of Sunday’s extremely close vote.

         – On the 20th of November, Mexican Revolution day, Lopez Obrador’s symphathizers proclaimed him "Legitimate President" in a rally at the Zócalo in Mexico City.


2.3 (45%) 4 votes