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Long, Huey Pierce

Born: 1893 AD
Died: 1935 AD
3.2 (64.62%) 13 votes

1893 – Born on the 30th of August in Winnfield.

1852 – He was the son of Huey Pierce Long, Sr.

1860 – The former Caledonia Palestine Tison of French descent.

1910 – Long was expelled from school for distributing a petition against adding a twelfth year of schooling as a graduation requirement.

1913 – Huey Long married the former Rose McConnell.

1915 – He convinced a board to let him take the bar exam after only a year at Tulane.

1918 – Long was elected to the Louisiana Railroad Commission at age 25 on an anti-Standard Oil platform.
1920 – He campaigned prominently for John M. Parker, but later became his vocal opponent after the new governor proved to be insufficiently committed to reform; Long called Parker the “chattel” of the corporations.

1922 – Long won a lawsuit against the Cumberland Telephone Company for unfair rate increases, resulting in cash refunds of $440,000 to 80,000 overcharged customers.

1924 – Long ran for governor of Louisiana in the election, attacking Parker, Standard Oil and the established political hierarchy both local and state-wide.

1928 – He again ran for governor, campaigning with the slogan, "Every man a king, but no one wears a crown," a phrase adopted from populist presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan.

1929 – Long called a special session of both houses of the State Legislature in order to enact a new five-cent per barrel "occupational license tax" on production of refined oil, in order to help fund his social programs.

1930 – Legislative session, Long planned another major road-building initiative as well as the construction of a new capitol building in Baton Rouge.

1932 – Long arrived in Washington, D.C. to take his seat in the U.S. Senate in January.

         – He was absent for over half the days in the session going back and forth to Louisiana.

         – Long became a vocal supporter of the candidacy of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, believing him to be the only candidate willing and able to carry out the drastic redistribution of wealth that Long felt was necessary to end the Great Depression.

1935 – Died onthe 10th of September.

3.2 (64.62%) 13 votes