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Locke, Alain Leroy

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1954 AD
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1886 – Alain Leroy Locke, born on the 13th of September in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was an African American writer, philosopher, educator, and patron of the arts. He is best known for his writings on and about the Harlem Renaissance. He is unofficially called the "Father of the Harlem Renaissance." His philosophy served as a strong motivating force in keeping the energy and passion of the Movement at the forefront.

1902 – He graduated from Central High School in Philadelphia, second in his class.

1907 – Graduated from Harvard University with degrees in English and philosophy.

1907 – 1910 – He was denied admission to several Oxford colleges because of his skin color before finally being admitted to Hertford College, where he studied literature, philosophy, Greek, and Latin.

1910 – He attended the University of Berlin, where he studied philosophy.

1911 – Attended the College de France in Paris.

1916 – Returned to Harvard to work on his doctoral dissertation, The Problem of Classification in the Theory of Value.

1918 – Received his Ph.D. in philosophy.

1925 – Edited the March issue of the periodical Survey Graphic, a special on Harlem and the Harlem Renaissance, which helped educate white readers about the flourishing culture there.

1953 – Returned to Howard University as the chair of the department of philosophy, a position he held until his retirement.

2.8 (55%) 4 votes