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List, Georg Friedrich

Born: 1789 AD
Died: 1846 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Economist


1789 - Born on August 6th in Reutlingen, Württemberg, Germany. German-American economist who believed tariffs on imported goods would stimulate domestic development.

1816 - Passed several Government examinations with distinction entered the Government Civil Service of Würtemberg, in which his promotion was so rapid that he had risen to the post of Ministerial Under-Secretary.

1820 - He lived in Pennsylvania, where he contributed to the pro-tariff debates in the United States. His economic arguments were centered around refutations of Adam Smith.

1822 - He was again elected as deputy from his native town to the Representative Assembly of Würtemberg.

1827 - He wrote "Outlines of Political Economy".

1828-1829 - He warmly advocated, in a number of essays and articles, the formation of a national system of railways throughout Germany, and his desire to revisit Europe was heightened by his anxiety to promote his new scheme.

1830 - President Jackson sent him on a mission to Paris with a view to facilitating increased commercial intercourse between France and the United States, and appointed him Consul for the United States at Hamburg.

1837 - He wrote "The Natural System of Political Economy".

1839 - He also published his views in the columns of the Paris 'Constitutionnel'.

1841 - He completed the first part of his 'National System of Political Economy'.

1844 - He published the fourth part of his principal work, 'The Politics' (of national economy).

1846 - Died on November 30th in Kufstein, Austria.


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