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Lipatti, Dinu

Born: 1917 AD
Died: 1950 AD
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1917 – Born in Bucharest, Romania on March 19th.

1921 – He began playing the piano as an infant and made his public debut as pianist and composer at the amazingly young age of four.

1934 – He left Bucharest to embark on his musical career.

         – Lipatti was awarded only Second Prize at the Vienna Piano Competition.

1938 –  Lipatti returned to Romania and survived World War II in his fatherland.

1944-1949 – He only fled the country near the end of the war with his fiancée Madeleine Cantacuzene, via Scandinavia, to Switzerland, where at the Geneva Conservatoire he held the highest piano professorship.

         – In the last six years of his life, Lipatti was diagnosed with leukemia.

1950 – Decided to honour his concert engagement and played his final recital at Besacon.

         – Died a painful death on December 2nd in the age of 33.

2.8 (55.29%) 17 votes