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Lincoln, Benjamin

Born: 1733 AD
Died: 1810 AD
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1733 – Benjamin Lincoln, born on the 24th of January in Hingham, Massachusetts. He was a major general in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

1755 – At 21, became the town constable and he entered the 3rd Regiment of the Suffolk militia as an adjutant.

1757 – He was elected the town clerk of Hingham.

1762 – Was elected Justice of the Peace.

1772 – He was promoted to lieutenant colonel of the 3rd Regiment of the Suffolk militia.

1776 – He was promoted to brigadier general, then major general, then commander of all Massachusetts troops in the Boston area.

1777 – In September, joined Horatio Gates’ camp near Saratoga to take part in the Battles of Saratoga but he did not play a big role in the Second Battle of Saratoga because he was wounded when a musket ball shattered his ankle and he was permenatly left with one leg shorter than the other.

1778 – He was appointed Southern Department Commander in September.

1779 – Participated in the attack on Savannah, Georgia in October and was forced to retreat to Charleston, South Carolina. Unluckily, he was beaten back to Charleston and was surrounded.

1780 – He was forced to surrender to Lieutenant General Henry Clinton.

1787 – Was a member of the state convention that ratified the constitution.

1809 – He stayed active in public life in various capacities until his retirement.

1810 – He died in Hingham on the 9th of May.

2.8 (56.67%) 6 votes