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Born: 1838 AD
Died: 1917 AD
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1838 – Born on the 2nd of September in Honolulu.

1962 – On the 16th of September, she married John Owen Dominis, who became Governor of Oahu and Maui.

1891 – She inherited the throne from her brother Kal kaua on the 17th of January.

1893 – She was deposed on the 17th of January, and a provisional government was instituted.

         – She was illegal and offered on the 16th of November to give the throne back to her if she granted amnesty to everyone responsible.

         – She changed her mind on the 18th of December, and U.S. Minister Willis demanded her reinstatement by the Provisional Government, the Provisional Government refused.

1895 – She was arrested on the 16th of January when firearms were found in the gardens of her home, of which she denied any knowledge.

1896 – She was sentenced to five years of hard labor in prison and fined $5000, but the sentence was commuted to imprisonment in an upstairs bedroom of Iolani Palace until she was released.

1898 – She was 79. Along with Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines, Hawaii was annexed to the United States as a result of the Spanish American War through a joint resolution of the U.S. Congress.

1917 – Died on the 11th of November.

2.9 (58.6%) 43 votes