Li Peng

Born: 1928 AD
Currently alive, at 90 years of age.
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1928 – Li was born in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

1941 – He began studying at the Institute of Natural Science in Yan’an.

1948 – He was sent to study at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, majoring in hydroelectric engineering.

1966-1976 – A year later, Zhou Enlai became Premier of the newly declared People’s Republic of China, and Li survived the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution.

1981 – Li advanced politically, becoming deputy minister of the state power industry in 1979 and then minister.

1982 – Li was elected member of the CPC Central Committee at the Twelfth CPC National Congress.

1983 – He served as vice-minister and minister of Power Industry and secretary of the Party Group of the Ministry of Power Industry, and vice-minister and deputy secretary of the Party group of the Ministry of Water Resources and Power.

         – He also became acting premier.

1985 – He rose to the Politburo and the Party Secretariat.

         – He served concurrently as minister in charge of the State Education Commission.

1987 – The standing committee of the Politburo.

1989 – Li declared martial law in Beijing on the 20th of May.

1998 – He remained premier, when he was constitutionally limited to two terms. Then he was made the chairman of the National People’s Congress.

3.1 (62.86%) 21 votes