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Lhote, Andre

Born: 1885 AD
Died: 1962 AD
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1885 – Born in Bordeaux on the 5th of July.

1898 – He enrolled at the École des Beaux-Arts in Bordeaux.

1904 – Studied decorative sculpture.

1905 – He began to paint in his spare time and he left home, moving into his own studio to devote himself to painting.

1910 – He was influenced by Gaugin and Cézanne, and held his first one-man exhibition at the Galerie Druet, 4 years after he had moved to Paris.

1912 – Lhote shifted towards Cubism and joined the Section d’Or group, exhibiting at the Salon de la Section d’Or.

1917 – He became one of the group of Cubists supported by Léonce Rosenberg.

1918 – He co-founded Nouvelle Revue Française, the art journal to which he contributed articles on art theory.

1920 – Lhote taught at the Académie Notre-Dame des Champs and later at other Paris art schools.

1922 – His own school which he founded in Montparnasse.

1950 – Lhote lectured extensively in France and abroad, including Belgium, England, Italy and also in Egypt and Brazil.

1955 – His work was awarded with the Grand Prix National de Peinture, and the UNESCO commission for sculpture appointed Lhote president of the International Association of Painters, Engravers and Sculptors.

1962 – Died in Paris on the 25th of January.

3.1 (62.22%) 9 votes