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Leroux, Pierre

Born: 1797 AD
Died: 1871 AD
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1798 – Born at Bercy near Paris on the 7th of April.

1831 – He joined P. Dubois in the foundation of Le Globe which became the official organ of the Saint-Simonian community, of which he became a prominent member.

1834 – He published an essay entitled "Individualism and Socialism" which, despite its message of scepticism towards both tendencies, introduced the term socialism in French political discourse.

1838 – He founded the Encyclopédie nouvelle.

1840 – He published his treatise De l’humanité, which contains the fullest exposition of his system, and was regarded as he philosophical manifesto of the Humanitarians.

1841 – He established the Revue indépendante, with the aid of George Sand, over whom he had great influence.

1843 – He established at Boussac a printing association organized according to his systematic ideas, and founded the Revue sociala.

1848 – He was elected to the Constituent Assembly

1851 – He settled with his family in Jersey, where he pursued agricultural experiments and wrote his socialist poem La Grève de Samarez.

1869 – He returned to Paris, where he died during the Commune.

1871 – Died on April in Pierre Leroux.

2.4 (47.06%) 17 votes