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Leopold, Aldo

Born: 1887 AD
Died: 1948 AD, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Conservationists


1887 – He was born on the 11th day of January of this year, in Burlington, Iowa.


1909 - He received his Master's degree in Forestry, on this year.


1924 - He was transferred to the Forest Products Lab in Madison, Wisconsin on this year, and after 19 years of service in the United States Forest Service.


1928 - He left the Forest Service on this year and started doing independent contract work. He mostly did wildlife and game surveys throughout the U.S.


1933 - He was appointed Professor of Game Management in the Agricultural Economics Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on this year.


1935 – He becomes the founder of the Wilderness Society on this year. 1948 – He died from a heart attack, while fighting a brush fire on a neighbor's farm on this year.


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  • "We face the question whether a still higher standard of living is worth its costs in things natural, wild, and free."
  • "Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. Now we face the question whether a still higher'standard of living'is worth its cost in things natural, wild and free. For us of the minority, the opportunity to see geese is more important that television."
  • "A thing is right if it tends to preserve the stability, integrity, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong if it tends otherwise."