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Leopardi, Giacomo

Born: 1798 AD
Died: 1837 AD
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1798 – Born on June 29th in Recanati, Italy. Despairing Italian classical poet.

1814 – Composed a Latin treatise on the Roman rhetoricians of the 2nd century, a commentary on Porphyry’s life of Plotinus and a history of astronomy.

1815 – He wrote on the popular errors of the ancients, citing more than four hundred authors.

1816 – He produced a poem of considerable length, the Appressamento alla Morte, which, after being lost for many years, was discovered and published by Zanino Volta.

1823 – Accepted an engagement to edit Cicero and Petrarch for the publisher Stella at Milan, and took up his residence at Bologna, where his life was for a time made almost cheerful by the friendship of the countess Malvezzi.

1827 – Appeared the Operette Morali, consisting principally of dialogues and his imaginary biography of Filippo Ottonieri, which have given Leopardi a fame as a prose writer hardly inferior to his celebrity as a poet.

1831 – He escaped to Florence, where he formed the acquaintance of a young Swiss philologist, M. de Sinner.

1837 – Died on June 14th in Naples, Italy.

2.9 (58.92%) 37 votes