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Leonardo da Vinci (The artist invintor)

Born: 1452 AD
Died: 1520 AD, at 67 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Artists, Physicians


Leonardo da vinci was born in italy in 1452

he was a great artist and invintor

he wanted to naw how things work

 in 1505  he painted The Monalisa which is the most feumos painting in the world

he invented many strang macheen such as the submarin and the hilo copter

Davinci was relly a great invintor

In Florence he entered the services of Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander VI, acting as a military architect and engineer; with Cesare he travelled throughout Italy.

1506 - Returned to Milan, now in the hands of Maximilian Sforza after Swiss mercenaries had driven out the French.

1513-1516 - Lived in Rome, where painters like Raphael and Michelangelo were active at the time.

1515-1515 - Commissioned to make a centrepiece (a mechanical lion) for the peace talks between the French king and Pope Leo X in Bologna.

1516 - Entered Francis' service, being given the use of the manor house Clos Lucé next to the king's residence at the royal Chateau Amboise.

1519 - Leonardo died at Clos Lucé, France, on 2nd May.

Developed sfumato technique and improved perspective drawing.

Designed innovative but impractical prototypes of many later inventions, including helicopter, glider, parachute, and military tank.

Student of Andrea del Verrocchio.



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