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Lee, Robert Edward

Born: 1807 AD
Died: 1870 AD
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Lee was born January 19th, 1807. He Became a Southern hero. He was called "The Grey Fox" . His Skills were unmatched.Lee declined an offer to control the "Army of The Potomac". When Union General Ambrose Burnside marched to Fredricksburg, Lee was On a hill to "meat" him. Burnside’s men made SIX desprate asalts on lee’s line. In the end Burnside left Fredricksburg, meaning Lee had won. "The Grey Fox" was UNDEFETED almost every place fought (Fredricksburg, 2nd Manassas, Cold Harbor, Chanclorsville, and more) .when Lee surandered the"Army of Northern Virginia" (note: this did not include "the Army of Tennessee", it surandered later), he went home afterwards. Lee died October 12, 1870.

3.2 (64%) 50 votes