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Lee, Henry

Born: 1756 AD
Died: 1818 AD
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1756 – He was born this year near Dumfries, Virginia.


1773 – He graduated from The College of New Jersey.


1776 – He was promoted to captain of a Virginia Dragoon detachment that was attached to the first Continental Light Dragoons.


1778 – He was promoted to Major. He was given the command of a small irregular corps, with which he won a great reputation as a leader of light troops.


1779 – His greatest exploit was the brilliant surprise at the Battle of Paulus Hook in New Jersey, on August 19 of this year.


1782 – He married his second cousin, Matilda Ludwell Lee, who was known as “The Divine Matilda”.


1790 – His wife died this year.


1793 – He married the wealthy and beautiful Anne Hill Carter (17 years his junior) at Shirley Plantation.


1785 – He presented George Washington with twelve horse chestnut saplings as a token of friendship.


1788 – He was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and in the last-named year in the Virginia convention, he favored the adoption of the Federal constitution.


1789 – He served in the General Assembly.


1794 – He accompanied Washington to help in the suppression of the “Whiskey Rebellion” in western Pennsylvania.


1798 – He was a Major General in the U.S. Army this year.


1801 – He served in the House of Representatives of the Congress.


1818 – He died at “Dungeness” on March 25 of this year (Dungeness was built on Cumberland Island, Georgia by Nathaneal Greene as a summer home).




























2.9 (58.18%) 11 votes