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Leander of Seville (Bishop of Seville)

Born: 534 AD
Died: 600? AD.

Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Bishops, Saint


534 - Born in Carthage to a family of high nobility. He was the eldest brother of several saints. His brother, St. Isidore, succeeded him as Bishop of Seville. Another brother, St. Fulgentius, became Bishop of Carthagena, and his sister, St. Florentina, became an Abbess in Carthagena.

579 - He became a Benedictine monk and Bishop of Seville.

         - He founded a noted School at Seville, and was distinguished for his opposition to Arianism, which led to his temporary exile. Spain is greatly indebted to Leander's efforts for her later religious unity, fervent faith, and broad culture.

         - He was raised to the episcopal see of Seville, where he continued to practice his customary austerities and penances.

         - Leander showed himself an orthodox Christian and a far-sighted patriot. Exiled by Leovigild, he withdrew to Byzantium.

585 - Leovigild put to death his son Hermenegild.

601 - He died in Seville, Spain.


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