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Lawson, Nigel

Born: 1932 AD
Currently alive, at 86 years of age.
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1932 – Born on March 11th. British Conservative politician.

1955 – Married to Vanessa Mary Addison.

1974 – He began his career as a financial journalist and progressed to the position of editor of The Spectator before becoming a Member of Parliament.

1979 – Lawson was appointed to the position of Financial Secretary to the Treasury and he pushed through such measures as the ending of unofficial state controls on mortgage lending, the abolition of exchange controls  and the publication of the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

1981 – Became the secretary of state for energy.

1983 – Britain’s Chancellors of the Exchequer during the Thatcher Era.

1989 – He resigned as chancellor after criticusm by government adviser Alan Walters, supported by prime minister Margaret Thatcher, over his policy of British membership of the European Monetary System.

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