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Lawrence, David

Born: 1888 AD
Died: 1973 AD
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1888 – He was born on Christmas Day of this year in Philadelphia.


1910 – He graduated from Princeton this year.


1912- He went on the road to cover Woodrow Wilson’s campaign.


1913 – He returned to Washington as a White House correspondent.


1915 – He left the AP for a job with the New York Evening Post where he continued to write about Mexico, international affairs, public policy, and the war in Europe.


1919 – He remained with the Post to cover the Versailles Peace Conference.


1926 – He devoted most of his attention to this project until this year.


1931- He remained undeterred and refashioned his publication into a more appealing weekly magazine called The United States News.


1946 – He founded another magazine, The World Report, and devoted it to coverage of international issues rather than domestic news.


1973 – He was personally an avowed conservative who opposed the New Deal and endorsed American involvement in Vietnam, when he died in February this year.



















2.3 (46.36%) 22 votes