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Larson, Gary

Born: 1950 AD
Currently alive, at 68 years of age.
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1950 – Born on August 14th. Gary Larson grew up in a blue collar household in a blue-collar city, Tacoma, Washington.

1973 – He received his B.A. in Communications degree from Washington State University.

1976 – He played jazz guitar and worked in a music store, and he sent six cartoons to Pacific Search, a regional science and nature magazine. They sent him $90, and that struck Larson as a lot more enjoyable work than the music store.

1979 – The Seattle Times started carrying Larson’s once-a-week work, titled Nature’s Way, for $15 a strip. The panel drew some complaints of being sick and offensive, and a few complains were enough to get it canceled.

1988 – Larson took a sabbatical from "The Far Side".

1990-1994 – The panel resumed, but Larson was weary of deadlines and had enough money to quit "The Far Side" for good. He still draws cartoons, but on his own schedule, not a syndicate’s.

         – He received the Rueben Award.

1998 – He wrote "There’s a Hair in My Dirt: A Worm’s Story", a book teaching science through macabre stories and illustrations.

2.9 (58.64%) 44 votes