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Lamour, Dorothy

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 1996 AD
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1914 – Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton, born on the 10th of December in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is an American actress and Singer.

1930 – She’d turned her back on the business world and was performing in the Fanchon and Marco vaudeville troupe.

1931 – She became vocalist for the Herbie Kay Band, and soon afterward married (briefly) Kay.

1934 – Built up a solid reputation as a radio singer, notably on the series Dreamer of Songs.

1936 – Paramount Pictures signed her to a contract, creating an exotic southseas image for the young actress: she wore her fabled sarong for the first time in Jungle Princess, the first of three nonsensical but high-grossing "jungle" films in which the ingenuous island girl asked her leading man what a kiss was.

1937 – A more prestigious "sarong" role came about in Goldwyn’s The Hurricane, wherein she, ever the trouper, withstood tons of water being thrust upon her in the climactic tempest of the film’s title.

1939 – A major star, she had developed though onscreen self awareness to amusingly kid her image in St. Louis Blues, in which she played a jaded movie star who balked at playing any more southseas parts.

1940 – She latter-day fame was secured, when she co-starred in Road to Singapore, the first of six "Road" pictures teaming with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby.

1952 – Road to Bali she was little more than a decorative "straight woman" for Bob and Bing.

1952 – 1962 – She was out of Hollywood altogether between, during which time she developed a popular nightclub act.

1962 – She returned to films for Hope and Crosby’s Road to Hong Kong, not as leading lady.

1976 – Her latest film acting job to date was in the TV movie Death at Love House.

1996 – She passed away in her North Hollywood, California home at the age of 81, on the 22nd of September.

2.6 (52.5%) 16 votes