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Lake, John

Born: 1624 AD
Died: 1689 AD
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1624 – John Lake was born at Halifax, in Yorkshire, and was baptized on the 5th of December. He distinguished himself at Basing House by his intrepid conduct in several successful sallies, and became one of the undaunted defenders of that stronghold of loyalty.

1637 – He was educated at the Grammar School of his native town, and made so rapid a progress in his studies that he was admitted into St. John’s College, Cambridge, in his thirteenth year.

1647 – His love of learning induced him to return to his academic studies. He refused to take the Engagement with no less firmness than he had rejected the Covenant. He succeeded in obtaining ordination from one of the deprived prelates, and entered publicly and fearlessly on his interdicted vocation.

         – He preached his first sermon in his native town of Halifax, July 26th. Not being suffered to remain there without taking the Engagement, he removed to Oldham, whence, after a warm, controversy, he was ejected by the Puritan party, and effectually silenced for a time.

1661 – Lake was recommended by the royal letter of Charles II., to have the degree of D.D. conferred on him by the University of Cambridge, which was accordingly done.

1663 – Lake preached his first synod sermon at York, with which the dean was so greatly pleased, that he sent a copy, without the author’s knowledge, to Dr. Sheldon, Bishop of London. That prelate sent for Lake, and collated him to the rectory of St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate, May 22nd.

1667 – He was made prebend of Holbourn, June 11th, and formed a friendship with Sancroft which lasted as long as he lived.

1687 – His tutor at St. John’s was the learned Mr. Cleveland, whose life he subsequently wrote, and whose works, in conjunction with Dr. Drake, Rector of Pontefract, he edited and published.

1689 – Lake died on August 30th.

2.9 (58.24%) 34 votes