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Kubla Khan

Born: 1215 AD
Died: 1294 AD
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1215 – Born the second son of Tolui and Sorghaghtani Beki and the grandson of Genghis Khan, on the 23rd of September.


1251 – His elder brother Möngke became Khan of the Mongol Empire, and Kublai became the governor of the southern territories of the Mongol Empire.


1253 – Kublai was ordered to attack Yunnan, and he destroyed the Kingdom of Dali.


1258 – Möngke put Kublai in command of the Eastern Army and summoned him to assist with attacks on Sichuan and, again, Yunnan.


1259 – Before Kublai could arrived, word reached him that Möngke had died. Kublai continued to attack Wuhan, but soon received news that his younger brother had usurped power.


1260 – Both his brother and Kublai crowned themselves Khan, and the two brothers battled for three years before Kublai finally won


        – On the 5th of May Kublai was elected Khan at his residence in Shangdu and he began to organize the country.


1264 – He was asked to go to Gansu province to repair the damage that had been caused to the irrigation systems by the years of war during the Mongul advance through the region.


1294 – On the 18th of February This also more than likely increased the amount of iron in his blood which probably lead to his problems with gout, ultimately leading to his death.

3 (59.13%) 23 votes