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Kreisky, Bruno

Born: 1911 AD
Died: 1990 AD
3.5 (70%) 8 votes

1911 – Born in Vienna on the 22nd of January.

1934 – When the Socialist Party was banned by the Dollfuss dictatorship, he joined underground political work.

1935 – He was arrested in January and convicted of high treason.

1942 – He married Vera Fürth.

1945 – In September Kreisky emigrated to Sweden.

1946 – He returned to Austria in May, but he was soon back in Stockholm.

1951 – He returned to Vienna, where Federal President Theodor Körner appointed him Assistant Chief of Staff and political adviser.

1953 – He was appointed Undersecretary in the Foreign Affairs Department of the Austrian Chancellery.

1955 – He took part in negotiating the Austrian State Treaty, which ended the four-power occupation of Austria and restored Austria’s independence and neutrality.

1956 – Kreisky was elected to the Austrian parliament, the Nationalrat as a Socialist.

1966 – Kreisky left office, when the ÖVP under Josef Klaus won an absolute majority in the Nationalrat.

1967 – He was elected chairman of the Socialist Party.

1971 – In October, he called fresh elections and won an absolute majority.

1975-1979 – He won comfortable victories.

1990 – Died in Vienna on the 29th of July.

3.5 (70%) 8 votes