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Korczak, Janusz

Born: 1878 AD
Died: 1942 AD
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1878 – Born in Warsaw on the 22nd of July.

1898 – He used Janusz Korczak as a writing pseudonym in Ignacy Paderewski’s literary contest.

1890 – He studied in the Flying University.

1898–1904 – Korczak studied medicine in Warsaw and also wrote for several Polish language newspapers.

1905–1906 – He served as a military doctor.

1907–1908 – Korczak continued his studies in Berlin.

1909 – He met Stefania WilczyDska.

1911–1912 – He became a director of Dom Sierot, the orphanage of his own design for Jewish children in Warsaw.

1914 – Korczak again became a military doctor with the rank of lieutenant during World War I.

1926 – He let the children begin their own newspaper, the MaBy Przegl d, as a weekly attachment to the daily Polish-Jewish Newspaper Nasz Przegl d.

1930 – He had his own radio program until it was cancelled due to complaints from anti-semites.

1933 – He was awarded the Silver Cross of the Polonia Restituta.

1934–1936 – Korczak traveled yearly to Palestine and visited its kibbutzim.

1938 – He refused to move to Palestine even when WilczyDska moved there for a year.

1939 – When World War II erupted, Korczak volunteered for duty in the Polish Army but was refused due to his age.

1940 – His orphanage was forced to move to the ghetto. Korczak moved in with them.

1942 – Died in August.

2.9 (57.65%) 17 votes