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Kollwitz, Kathe (nee Schmidt)

Born: 1867 AD
Died: 1945 AD, at 77 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Artists


1867 - Born on July 8th in Kaliningrad, Russia.

1884 - She developed a strong interest in art and enrolled at the School for Women Artists in Berlin.

1889 - Kathe married Karl Kollwitz, a doctor who worked in one of the poor districts of Berlin.

1893-1897 - Inspired by Gerhart Hauptmann's play, The Weavers, Kollwitz began work on a series of six prints, A Weavers' Uprising.

1898 - Kollwitz began teaching in the School for Women Artists. The following year A Weavers' Uprising was exhibited in Dresden and purchased by a local museum.

1902 - After the success of a Weavers' Uprising, Kollwitz began work on the Peasants' War.

1920 - Kollwitz joined Albert Einstein, George Grosz, Henri Barbusse and Upton Sinclair to form the International Workers Aid (IAH). She produced several posters for the organization including Help Russia and "Vienna is Dying! Save her Children!".

1932 - Kollwitz joined with other socialists in signing an appeal of unity against the Nazi Party. After Adolf Hitler gained power, Kollwitz was forced to resign from the Prussian Academy of Arts.

1945 - Died on April 22nd on Moritzburg, Saxony, Germany.

1988 - The book "The Diary and Letters of Kaethe Kollwitz" was published.


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  • "There are moments on most days when I feel a deep and sincere gratitude, when I sit at the open window, and there is a blue sky or moving clouds."
  • "I do not want to die. . . until I have faithfully made the most of my talent and cultivated the seed that was placed in me until the last small twig has grown."