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Knox, John

Born: 1514 AD
Died: 1572 AD
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1514 – He was born in Giffordgate, Scotland this year.


1540 – Knox was first mentioned as a priest this year.


1543 – He was still an ordained Catholic clergyman this year.


1545 – Knox first publicly professed the Protestant faith about the end this year.


1546 – He went on to become a Protestant minister in St Andrews, a place with which he had strong links throughout his life.


1547 – He and some of the rest of the refugees were taken as prisoners and were forced to row in the French galleys.


1549 – He found out that he could be of little use in Scotland in its existing state.


1551 – He was appointed one of the six chaplains in ordinary to the king.


1554 – He accepted with Calvin’s advice a call from the English Church at Frankfurt.


1555 – He was induced to set out for Scotland, where he remained for nine months preaching evangelical doctrine in various parts of the country, persuading those who favored the Reformation to cease attending mass and join him in celebrating the Lord’s Supper according to a reformed ritual.


1558 – He unleashed a torrent of vitriol against female rulers this year.


1559 – He approved of the declaration by the lords of his party year.


1560 – He was appointed minister of the Church of St.Giles, then the great parish church of Edinburgh.


1572 – He died on the 24th day of November this year.























2.6 (51.43%) 14 votes