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Klugman, Jack

Born: 1922 AD
Currently alive, at 96 years of age.
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1922 – He was born on the 27th day of April this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.



1953 – He married Brett Somers this year.



1957 – He appeared in the original film, 12 Angry Men (1957), which was remade with Jack Lemmon.



1970 – He was best remembered for his TV work as Oscar Madison on "The Odd Couple". He won two Emmy awards for the movie "The Odd Couple."



1974 – They got separated this year.]



1976 – He played the role of a medical examiner on "Quincy M.E."



1978 – He lived with Barbara Neugass from this year until 1992.



1996 – Suffering from throat cancer and had parts of his larynx removed, leaving his voice extremely rough and gruff in later movies, such as “Dear God.”



1998 – He reunited with Tony Randall on Broadway in 1998 for Neil Simon’s "The Sunshine Boys."



2005 – He wrote "Tony and Me: A Story of Friendship."













3 (60%) 18 votes