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Klaus, Vaclav

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 77 years of age.
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1941 – Born on the 19th of June in Prague.

1966-1969 – He also spent some time at universities in Italy and the United States.

1970 – He left for the Czechoslovak State Bank.

1987 – Klaus then joined the perestroika-minded Prognostics Institute of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

1989 – Václav Klaus entered politics soon after the Velvet Revolution.

1990 – As a member of Civic Forum he became the federal Minister of Finance.

1991 – In April, Klaus co-founded Civic Democratic Party, the strongest and most right-wing of the post-Civic Forum splinter parties.

1995 – As Prime Minister, he was awarded a degree of Professor of Finance from his alma mater and is thus often called "Mr Professor" by his admirers.

1997 – He decided to resign in the autumn after a government crisis caused by an ODS funding scandal, an event later called "Sarajevo Assassination" by his sympathisers, in analogy with the assassination in Sarajevo that has started the First World War, because the calls for him to resign occurred during his visit of Sarajevo at that time.

2003 – Klaus became the second president of the Czech Republic, recently enjoying approval ratings between 70 and 82%.

         – He was elected President of the Czech Republic by secret ballot in a joint session of both chambers of parliament on the 28th of February, thus succeeding Václav Havel, who had been one of his greatest political opponents since the division of Czechoslovakia.

3 (60%) 24 votes