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Kitchener, Horatio Herbert

Born: 1850 AD
Died: 1916 AD
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1850 – Born on the 24th of June in Ballylongford, Country Kerry in Ireland.

1871 – He was commissioned into the Royal Engineers.

1874 – At age 24, he was assigned by the Palestine Exploration Fund to a mapping-survey of the Holy Land, replacing Charles Tyrwhitt-Drake.

1874 – 1877 – An officer in the Royal Engineers, joined fellow Royal Engineer Claude R. Conder.

1883 – Served as a Vice-Consul in Anatolia, and as a British captain but with the Turkish rank of bimbashi (major), in the occupation of Egypt, and the following year as an Aide de Camp during the failed Gordon relief expedition in the Sudan.

1886 – 1899 – He won national fame on his second tour in the Sudan, being made Aide de Camp to Queen Victoria and collecting a Knighthood of the Bath.

1898 – He was at this time a brigadier-general in the British Army – he headed the victorious Anglo-Egyptian army at the Battle of Omdurman on September.

       – He was created Baron Kitchener, of Khartoum and of Aspall in the County of Suffolk, on the 18th of November.

1899 – He was presented with a small island in the Nile at Aswan as in gratitude for his services; the island was renamed Kitchener’s Island in his honour.

1900 – Officially holding the title of chief of staff, he was in practice a second-in-command, and commanded a much-criticised frontal assault at the Batle of Paardeberg in February.

1902 – 1909 – He was made Commander-in-Chief in India.

1910 – He was promoted to the highest Army rank, Field Marshal, and went on a tour of the world.

1916 – Drowned and died on the 5th of June in Orkney Islands.

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