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Kissinger, Henry Alfred (orig. Heinz Alfred Kissinger)

Born: 1923 AD
Currently alive, at 92 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Authors, Diplomat, Political Scientist



1923 - born - May 27th - Furth, Germany




1938 - Kissinger's family emigrated to U.S. from Germany, to escape Nazis persecution in 1938

(naturalized US citizen 1943)




1943-46 - US Army Counter-Intelligence Corps, Military Intelligence (1946-49)



1949-1964 - Married to Ann Fleisher, they have son and daughter. 




1950 - BA, Harvard University (summa cum laude)




1952 - MA, Harvard University



1954 - PhD International Relations, Harvard University




1955-1971 - director of Defense Studies Program at Harvard University (on leave 1969-1971)




1965 - As the Vietnam War intensified, Kissinger was drawn deeply into efforts to end it. He undertook an important diplomatic mission for President Lyndon B. Johnson (1967), but his attempt to arrange a cease fire faltered when the U.S. government refused to promise an unconditional halt to bombing of all North Vietnam.




1969 - President Richard M. Nixon named him national security adviser in 1969; in September 1973, Kissinger was also confirmed as secretary of state, a position he held concurrently until November 1975, when President Gerald R. Ford appointed Brent Scowcroft national security adviser; Kissinger remained secretary of state until the end of Ford's administration in 1977.





1972 -  Time Man of the Year





1973 - Nobel Prize in Peace for negotiating end to Vietnam War




1974 - Married Nancy Maginnes




1985-1989 - Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board




1986-96 - Member of the Board of American Express




1999 - Member of the Board of Gulfstream Aerospace



2002 - 1st chairman of 9/11 Commission




2002 - Writes and releases Vietnam: A Personal History of America's Involvement in and Extrication from the Vietnam War (memoir)




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