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King, William Lyon Mackenzie

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1950 AD
2.5 (50%) 4 votes

1874 – Born in Berlin, Ontario on the 17th of December.

1985-1897 – He obtained three from the University of Toronto: B.A, LL.B, and M.A.

1900 – He became Canada’s first Deputy Minister of Labour.

1908 – He was first elected to Parliament as a Liberal in a by-election.

1909 – After studying at the University of Chicago, Mackenzie King proceeded to Harvard University, receiving an M.A. in political economy 1898 and a Ph.D.

         – He was re-elected in a by-election following his appointment as the first-ever Minister of Labour.

1911 – He lost his seat in the general election, which saw the Conservatives defeat his Liberals.

1917 – He returned to Canada to run in the election, which focused almost entirely on the conscription issue, and lost again, due to his opposition to conscription, which was supported by the majority of English Canadians.

1919 – He was elected leader at the first Liberal leadership convention, and soon returned to parliament in a by-election.

1925 – King called an election, in which the Conservatives won the most seats, but not a majority in the House of Commons.

1930 – His second term, King introduced old-age pensions. In February, he appointed Cairine Wilson, whom he knew personally, as the first female senator in Canadian history.

1935 – King’s Liberals were returned to power once more in the election.

1936 – His government also created the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

1937 – Trans-Canada Airlines.

1939 – National Film Board of Canada.

1942 – King held a national plebiscite on the issue asking the nation to relieve him of the commitment he had made during the election campaign.

1945 – King helped found the United Nations.

1946 – King’s government introduced the Canadian Citizenship Act, which officially created the notion of "Canadian citizens".

1947 – On the 3rd of January, King received Canadian citizenship certificate number 0001

1948 – He retired after 22 years as prime minister, and was succeeded as Liberal Party leader, and Prime Minister of Canada, by his Justice Minister, Louis St. Laurent.

1950 – Died on the 22nd of July, at Kingsmere from pneumonia.


2.5 (50%) 4 votes