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King, Carole

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 76 years of age.
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1942 – She was born on the 9th day of February this year in Brooklyn, New York City. She attended Queens College, where she was a classmate of Neil Sedaka. King’s own singing career, however, was slower to gain momentum. She had a modest hit singing one of her own songs in 1962 with "It Might As Well Rain until September"


1965 – She and Goffin wrote a spec theme to Sidney Sheldon’s new television series, I Dream of Jeannie, but the song was rejected in favor of an instrumental theme by Hugo Montenegro.


1970 – In the early part of this year, her best-received album, Tapestry was recognized as one of the landmark albums of the singer-songwriter genre.


1971 – Her composition “Music” won Song of the Year, Rhymes and Reasons (1972) and Wrap Around Joy (1974).


1973 – He performed a free concert in New York City’s Central Park and broke all previous records for such a concert with over 100,000 people attending.


1975 – She and Goffin reunited to write Thoroughbred this year with David Crosby, Graham Nash and James Taylor, a long-time friend of King’s.


1977 – She married another songwriting partner, Rick Evers, after releasing Simple Things this year.


1983 – After releasing a collection called Speeding Time in this year, she took a hiatus in Idaho, where she became an environmental activist.

1989 – She returned to music this year, recording City Streets.


1990 – She was inducted, along with Goffin, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the non-performer category for her songwriting achievements.


1992 – In addition, her song "Now and forever" is featured in the opening credits to the movie A League of Their Own.


1993 – It was followed by Color of Your Dreams with a guest appearance by Slash of Guns N’ Roses.


1996 – A film loosely based on her life, Grace of My Heart, was released. In the film, an aspiring singer, Denise Waverly/Edna Buxton, sacrifices her own singing career to write hit songs that launch the careers of other singers.


2003 – She began campaigning for John Kerry, performing in private homes for caucus delegates during the Democratic primaries.


2007 – She will be inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2007.




















2.7 (53.71%) 35 votes