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Kierkegaard, Soren Aabye

Born: 1813 AD
Died: 1855 AD
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Danish philosopher and Christian theologian


learned of father's cursing of God (the "Great Earthquake") 1835, helping lead to development of complex attitude of guilt and anxiety in relation to God


wrote "Either/Or: A Fragment of Life" 1843 (also "Enten-Eller: et-livs fragment"


under pseudonym Victor Eremita), "Fear and Trembling" 1843 (also "Frygt og baeven"


under pseudonym Johannes de Silentio), "Repetition" 1843 (under pseudonym Constantin Constantius), "Philosophical Fragments" 1844 (under pseudonym Johannes Climacus), "The Concept of Dread" 1844 (also "Begrebet angst"


under pseudonym Virgilius Haufniensis), "Stages on Life's Way" 1845 (under pseudonym Hilarius Bogbinder), "Concluding Unscientific Postscript to the Philosophical Fragments" 1846 (under pseudonym Johannes Climacus), "The Sickness Unto Death" 1849 (also "Sygdommen til doeden"


under pseudonym Anti-Climacus)


criticized systematic rationalism, especially Hegelianism, as incomplete for describing actual life and as unable to account for faith


emphasized free will, possible psychologically but not logically, as basis for Christianity


discussed dread, as fear without tangible objective cause, as prelude to sin, permitting adoption of Christianity


for emphasizing subjective nature of existence over objective nature, considered founder of existentialism

2.9 (58.71%) 31 votes