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Kerr, Clark

Born: 1911 AD
Died: 2003 AD
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1911 – Born on May 17th in Stony Creek, Pennsylvania.

1952 – Was chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.

1958 – He became president of the university system, which he turned into a model for public universities nationwide.

1963 – In his best known book, The Uses of the University, he presented his vision for the role of a university, or “multiversity,” in the modern world.

1967 – Caught in the middle between student protesters and a conservative Board of Regents, Kerr was dismissed by the Board in February for reasons which included his handling of student demonstrations.

         – Chairman of Carnegie Commission on Higher Education.

1970 – He chaired the influential Carnegie Commission on Higher Education and the Carnegie Council on Policy Studies in Higher Education and authored the Commission report, “Three Thousand Futures”.  

2003 – Died on December 1st in El Cerrito, California.

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