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Born: 1767 AD
Died: 1848 AD
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1767 – Keokuk born along Rock River, Rock Island, Illinois United States. He was a chief of the Sauk tribe in central North America noted for his involvement in the Black Hawk War. The town of Keokuk, Iowa, where he is buried, is named for him. Sauk Indian orator and politician who became chief by ceding Indian lands to win white support and by rallying opposition to his own tribe’s resistance leaders.

1812 – Rose to prominence in the tribal council, and, during the War, he tried to seize power from Black Hawk, who had left the Sauk village to fight with the British. Thus began a lifelong struggle between these two leaders, who disagreed completely on how to meet the challenge posed by advancing white settlement.

1820 – He advocated compliance with the government’s demand that the Sauk and Fox move westward.

1832 – Keokuk urged patience as white settlers moved closer and closer to ancient tribal lands along the Rock River. Black Hawk led a short-lived resistance effort against the white encroachments. Keokuk counseled peace and surrender, and he even provided advance warning to the U.S. Indian agent at Rock Island of Black Hawk’s intention to take to the warpath.

1848 – Died in Kansas, Missourri.

2.3 (46.32%) 38 votes