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Kent, William

Born: 1684 AD
Died: 1748 AD
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1685 – Born in Bridlington, Yorkshire, England. English "painter, architect, and the father of modern gardening", as Horace Walpole in his Anecdotes of Painting describes him.

1710-1719 – He found patrons, who sent him to study in Italy; and at Rome he made other friends, among them Lord Burlington, with whom he returned to England.

         – Kent met Lord Burlington, and Burlington was so impressed with Kent’s artistic vision that he brought the young Yorkshireman back to London with him. There Kent designed and built furniture and temples on a classical theme for Burlington and his friends.

         – Kent’s finest architectural work is undoubtedly Holkham Hall, built for the Earl of Leicester in the Palladian style. Architecture then included more than simple house design, and Kent was involved in the creation of interior fittings and furnishings, most designed in an ebullient Barocque fashion.

1748 – Died on April 12th in London, England.

         – Under that nobleman’s roof Kent chiefly resided until his death– obtaining abundant commissions in all departments of his art, as well as various court appointments which brought him an income of £600 a year.

         – Kent’s most important gardening creations were at Stowe,  Rousham, and Chiswick House. At Stowe, he smoothed away the rigid lines of the formal gardens to create sinuous shaded walks.

         – The mediocre statue of William Shakespeare in Westminster Abbey sufficiently stamps his powers as a sculptor.

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