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Kawabata, Yasunari

Born: 1899 AD
Died: 1972 AD
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1899 – Born on June 14th in Osaka, Japan. Japanese novelist who won a Nobel Prize in Literature.

1920-1924 – Kawabata studied at the Tokyo Imperial University, where he received his degree.

         – He was one of the founders of the publication Bungei Jidai, the medium of a new movement in modern Japanese literature.

1927 – Kawabata made his debut as a writer with the short story, Izu dancer, was published.

1937 – The novel Snow Country secured Kawabata’s position as one of the leading authors in Japan.

1949 – The publication of the serials Thousand Cranes and The Sound of the Mountain was commenced.

1953 – He became a member of the Art Academy of Japan and four years later he was appointed chairman of the P.E.N. Club of Japan.

1955-1962 – The Lake, The Sleeping Beauty and The Old Capital belong to his later works, and of these novels, The Old Capital is the one that made the deepest impression in the author’s native country and abroad.

         – Kawabata received the Goethe-medal in Frankfurt.

1968 – Received a Nobel Prize in Literature.

1972 – Commited suicide and on April 16th.

3.1 (61.82%) 11 votes