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Karmal, Babrak

Born: 1929 AD
Died: 1996 AD
3.1 (61.54%) 13 votes

1929 – Born on the 6th of January.

1951 – He was an indifferent student in high school and in the law school of Kabul University, quickly gained a reputation as an orator and activist in the university’s student union.

1965 – On the 1st of January, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan was founded in Kabul, with Karmal serving as one of its twenty-eight founding members in its founding congress.

         – He was elected and served in the quasi-democratic National Assembly of Afghanistan during the Constitutional Monarchy of King Zahir Shah.

1967 – Karmal became the leader of the more moderate Parcham faction.

1978 – Afghan ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

1979 – The third President of Afghanistan.

         – Prime minister of Afghanistan.

1986 – He was unable to consolidate his power, he was replaced by Dr. Mohammad Najibullah.

1989 – He left Afghanistan for Moscow, but returned to Kabul.

1996 – Died in Moscow’s Central Clinical Hospital from liver cancer on the 3rd of December.


3.1 (61.54%) 13 votes