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Kahlo, Magdalena Carmen Frida y Calderon (Kahlo, Frida)

Born: 1907 AD
Died: 1954 AD, at 47 years of age.

Nationality: Mexican
Categories: Artists


1907 - Born on July 6th in Coyoacan, Mexico. A unibrowed Mexican painter.

1922 - Kahlo was enrolled in the Preparatoria, one of Mexico's premier schools, where she was one of only thirty-five girls.

1925 - Kahlo suffered the serious accident which was to set the pattern for much of the rest of her life. She was traveling in a bus which collided with a tramcar, and suffered serious injuries to her right leg and pelvis.

         - The accident was said to be integral themes of her artistic career.

1926 - She painted her first self-portrait, the beginning of a long series in which she charted the events of her life and her emotional reactions to them.

1929 - Married to Diego Rivera on August 21st.

1931 - Went to New York for the Rivera retrospective organized by the Museum of Modern Art.

1932 - Rivera was commissioned to paint a major series of murals for the Detroit Museum, and here Kahlo suffered a miscarriage.

1938 - She was offered a show at the fashionable Julian Levy Gallery in New York.

1950 - Her physical state reached a crisis, and she had to go into hospital in Mexico City, where she remained for a year.

1953 - Kahlo had her first solo exhibition in Mexico (the only one held in her native country during her lifetime).

1954 - She made her last public appearance, when she participated in a Communist demonstration against the overthrow of the left-wing Guatemalan president Jacobo Arbenz.

         - Died of respiratory failure on July 13th in Mexico City.


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