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Junkers, Hugo

Born: 1859 AD
Died: 1935 AD
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1859 – Born on February 3rd in Rheydt, Prussia (Germany). German aircraft designer and early proponent of the monoplane and all-metal construction of aircraft.

1909 – His aeronautical work began in earnest only at the age of fifty. He had far-seeing ideas of metal aeroplanes and flying wings, but always realities of war dragged him back.

1910 – Junkers patented a flying-wing design, the same year in which he established an aircraft factory at Dessau.

1915 – His J-1 Blechesel (“Sheet Metal Donkey”) monoplane was the first successful all-metal airplane.

1917 – The government forced him into partnership with Anthony Fokker to ensure wartime production targets would be met.

1926 – Unable to make government loan repayments after a failed venture to build planes for the USSR, he lost control of most of his businesses.

1933 – The Nazi government, on taking power, immediately demanded ownership of Junkers’ patents and control of his remaining companies.

1934 – Under threat of imprisonment he eventually acquiesced, to little avail and was later under house arrest.

1935 – Died on February 3rd in Gauting, near Munich, Germany.

2.4 (47.27%) 22 votes