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Jumayyil, Bashir Pierre

Born: 1947 AD
Died: 1982 AD
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Bachir Gemayel is a Lebanese Maronite Christian politician.

1947 – Bachir Gemayel was born 10th of November in in Beirut, Lebanon.

Gemayel was educated at the Lebanese Modern Institute.

1962 – Gemayel joined the Kataeb party.

1971 – He completed his formal education at St. Joseph University in Beirut with a degree in Law.

         – Bachir Gemayel was appointed inspector in the para-military branch of the Kataeb party.

1972 – Gemayel joined the bar association and opened an office in West Beirut.

1973 – Bachir Gemayel also finished Political Science.

1974 – Gemayel founded the "BG squad", a Lebanese militia, to face the PLO.

1976 – Bachir Gemayel became president of the Kataeb Military Council and formed the Unified Lebanese Forces

to combat Syrian advances.

1978 – Gemayel led the "Hundred Days War" against Syrian forces.

1980 – Gemayel became a member of the Lebanese Front.

1981 – Bachir Gemayel led the unified Christian Lebanese militias in the Battle of Zahleh.

1982 – He became the president-elect of Lebanon.


         – Bachir Gemayel was assassinated in the 14th of September.



2.8 (55.11%) 45 votes