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Judson, Adoniram

Born: 1788 AD
Died: 1850 AD
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1788 – Born on the 9th of August in Malden, Massachusetts.

1810 – He then attended The Andover Theological Seminary, and graduated.

1811 – On the 11th of January, Judson embarked at Boston on the ship "Packet", bound to Liverpool, to visit the London Missionary Society.

1812 – Judson was also commissioned by the Congregational Church, and soon married Ann Hasseltine on the 5th of February.

1813 – On the 13th of July, he moved to Burma, and en route his wife miscarried their first child aboard ship.

1817 – Judson completed translation of the "Grammatical Notices of the Burman Language" the following July and the Gospel of Matthew.

1818 – Judson began public evangelism sitting in a zayat by the roadside calling out "Ho! Everyone that thirsteth for knowledge.

1819 – His first convert was baptized.

1820 – Judson and a fellow missionary named Colman attempted to petition the Emperor of Burma.

1835 – He had been labouring on it for twenty-four years. It was printed and published.

1850 – On the 12th of April, Adoniram Judson died at age 61 on board ship in the Bay of Bengal and was buried at sea,

2.7 (53.68%) 19 votes