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Jones, Inigo

Born: 1573 AD
Died: 1652 AD
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1573 – Born on the 15th of July on Smithfield, London, England.

1603 – He had visited Italy long enough to acquire skill in painting and design and to attract the patronage of King Christian IV of Denmark and Norway, at whose court he was employed for a time before returning to England.

1605 – Jones’s employment by her to design the scenes and costumes of a masque, the first of a long series he designed for her and later for the king.

         – Jones probably regarded himself as primarily under the queen’s protection, but he was patronized also by Robert Cecil, 1st earl of Salisbury.

1608 – He produced his earliest known architectural work, a design for the New Exchange in the Strand.

1610 – Jones was given an appointment that confirmed the direction of his future career.

1612 – This appointment, with all its promise, was short-lived, and Jones did little or nothing for the prince before the latter’s death.

1615 – Jones’s career as surveyor of works to James I and Charles.

1630 – Jones’s work was not confined to royal palaces. He was much involved in the regulation of new buildings in London, and out of this activity emerged the project that he planned for the 4th earl of Bedford on his land at Covent Garden.

1633 – Jones’s later years in office was the restor ation of Old St. Paul’s Cathedral.

1638 – He was probably instrumental, in creating another square by planning the layout of the houses in Lincoln’s Inn Fields, one of the houses being attributed to him.

1645 – He was captured at the siege of Basing House. His estate was temporarily confiscated, and he was heavily fined.

1649 – He was doing work at Wilton for the earl of Pembroke, but the great double-cube room there is probably mostly the work of his pupil John Webb, who survived to reestablish something of the Jones tradition after the Restoration.

1652 – Died on the 21st of June in London.

2.7 (54.29%) 35 votes