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John of Salisbury

Born: 1115? AD
Died: 1180 AD.

Nationality: English
Categories: Authors, Religious Leaders


1120 - Was born at Salisbury.

1138-1140 - He studied grammar and the classics under William of Conches and Richard l'Evêque, the disciples of Bernard of Chartres, perhaps at Chartres.

1140 - He was at Paris studying theology under Gilbert de la Porrée, then under Robert Pullus and Simon of Poissy.

1148 - He resided at Moutiers la Celle in the diocese of Troyes, with his friend Peter of Celle.

1150 - He was present at the council of Reims, presided over by Pope Eugene III, and was probably presented by Bernard of Clairvaux to Theobald, archbishop of Canterbury, under whose sponsorship he returned to England.

1159 - He composed his greatest works, published almost certainly, the Policraticus, sive de nugis curialium et de vestigiis philosophorum and the Metalogicon, writings invaluable as storehouses of information regarding the matter and form of scholastic education, and remarkable for their cultivated style and humanist tendency.

1176 - He was made bishop of Chartres, where he passed the remainder of his life.

1179 - He took an active part in the third Lateran council.

1180 - Died at or near Chartres on the 25th of October.


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