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John III

Born: 5XX0 AD
Died: 3640 AD
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5xxx – His date of birth was unknown. He A Roman surnamed Catelinus, he was of a distinguished family, being the son of one Anastasius who bore the title of illustris. Although John reigned nearly thirteen years very little is known of his pontificate.


561 – His Papacy began this year.


574 – On the 7th day of July this year, his papacy ended when he died in Rome, Italy. Jovian – Emperor of the Roman Empire.


c.332 – He was Flavius Claudius Iovianus in real life, born this year in Singidunum. He son of the commander of Constantius II’s imperial bodyguards. He also joined the guards, and by 363 had risen to the post that his father had once held.


363 – His reign started on June 26 this year upon the death of Emperor Julian during his Sassanid campaign. He was elected by the army. He at once continued the retreat begun by Julian, and, continually harassed by the Persians, succeeded in reaching the banks of the Tigris, where Jovian, deep inside Sassanid territory, was forced to sue for a peace treaty on humiliatingly unfavourable terms. In exchange for safety, he agreed to withdraw from the five Roman provinces conquered by Galerius in 298, east of the Tigris, that Diocletian had annexed and allow the Persians to occupy the fortresses of Nisibis, Castra Maurorum and Singara.


364 – He died on the 17th day of February this year in his tent in Dadastana. charcoal warming fire have been assigned as the cause of death. He reigned for a very short period of eight months.











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