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Joachim, Joseph

Born: 1831 AD
Died: 1907 AD
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1831 – Joseph Joachim, born on the 28th of June in Kitsee, near Bratislava and Eisenstadt, in today’s Burgenland area of Austria. He was a Hungarian violinist, conductor, composer and teacher. He is regarded as one of the most influential violinists of all time.

1833 – His family moved to Pest, where he studied violin with Stanislaus Serwaczynski, the concertmaster of the opera in Pest.

1839 – Continued his studies in Vienna (briefly with Miska Hauser and Georg Hellmesberger, Sr.; finally and most significantly with Joseph Böhm).

1844 – His performance of the Beethoven violin concerto in London (under Mendelssohn’s baton) was a triumph, and helped to establish that work in the repertory.

1852 – He moved to Hanover, at the same time dissociating himself from the musical ideals of the New German School (Liszt, Wagner, Berlioz, and their followers, as defined by journalist Franz Brendel) and instead making common cause with Robert Schumann, Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms.

1860 – He and Brahms jointly wrote a manifesto against the "progressive" music of the New German School, in reaction against the polemics of Brendel’s Neue Zeitschrift für Musik.

1863 – On the 10th of May, he married the singer Amalie Weiss (Schneeweiss).

1865 – He quit the service of the King of Hanover in protest, when the King refused to advance one of the orchestral players because of the latter’s Jewish birth.

1866 – Moved to Berlin, where he became founding director of the Royal Academy of Music.

1869 – He founded an orchestra, the Joachim String Quartet, which quickly gained a reputation as Europe’s finest.

1884 – He and his wife separated after he became convinced that she was having an affair with Brahms’ publisher, Fritz Simrock.

1903 – In Berlin, he recorded two sides for the Gramophone Company (G&T), which remain a fascinating and valuable source of information about 19th-century styles of violin playing.

1907 – Remained in Berlin until his death from actinomycosis on the 15th of August.

1.4 (28%) 5 votes