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Jimenez, Juan Ramon

Born: 1881 AD
Died: 1958 AD
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1881 – Born in Moguer, near Huelva on the 24th of December.

1900 – He published his first two books, at the age of eighteen.

1914 – He celebrated his home region in his prose poem about a writer and his donkey, called Platero y Yo.

1916 – He married Zenobia Camprubí, a noted translator of the Indian writer, Rabindranath Tagore.

1946 – He settled, a year in which Jiménez was hospitalized for eight months due to another deep depression.

1956 – He received the Nobel Prize in Literature; three days later, his wife died of vaginal cancer. Jiménez never quite recuperated from this loss.

1958 – He died two years afterwards, on the 29th May, in the same clinic where his wife had died. Both are buried in Spain.

2.7 (53.33%) 6 votes